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Liability & Hold Harmless Agreement

Danger and risk are inherent to all emergency response situations. No emergency is the same, emergency situations are constantly changing, and there is no such thing as a safe scene. None of the information on this website is designed to certify, prepare, train, or activate emergency responders. The purpose of this website is to increase awareness, and facilitate the exchange of ideas and information. The internet is full of erroneous information and dangers, and unfortunately despite our best intentions the information contained in this website is subject to similar issues and should not be seen as comprehensive, safe, complete, entirely accurate, current, or reliable; discretion is advised and necessary. We are not emergency response experts and do not warranty any information on this website. Our owners, partners, affiliates, heirs, directors, staff, authors, members, subscribers, leaders, moderators, administrators, clients, customers, sponsors, and associates shall not be held responsible for your or the public's safety either on or off this website. You are responsible for yourself, your patients, and your actions.

By entering and using this website you agree to defend, indemnify and hold CVAID.ORG, Citizen Corps, Zunlop Communications and their owners, officers, partners, clients, users, agents, volunteers and employees harmless from any and all liability, claims, costs and attorney’s fees. You understand that this Hold Harmless Agreement also indemnifies CVAID.ORG, Citizen Corps, and/or Zunlop Communications from any losses or damages resulting from acts or omissions from any guest, participant, visitor or other person contributing to this website or herein referred to. Unless waived in writing by Zunlop Communications, you agree to hold harmless and defend CVAID.ORG, Citizan Corps, and/or Zunlop Communications from general liability, bodily injury, and property damage. No exceptions or limitations will be accepted.

The forums and comments areas are moderated and filtered so as to allow freedom of speech while at the same time will restrict content and use to help create a supportive, honest, and constructive environment for members, served organizations, and teams. CVAID.ORG owners, employees, volunteers, administrators, leaders and moderators shall have full discretion and authority to edit, allow or disallow posts and users as they see fit.

Copyrights and Property Rights

As a user/member of this website you agree to not post, upload, or enter anything onto the website that is copyright protected. You agree and warrant that any text, photos, graphics, audio, files, or other material you put on the site belong to you, and that in putting it onto the site you are transferring without reimbursement, immediately at the time of posting, all ownership and rights of it to CVAID.ORG and its owners. By transferring the material to us you give us the right to use, publish, hold, omit, sell, modify or edit the material as we so choose.

Privacy & Protection of Personal Information

CVAID.ORG, Citizen Corps, and Zunlop Communications respect your right to privacy, and will never share your information with organizations or individuals except as specifically described and stated here. As part of our commit to protect your personal information and privacy, CVAID.ORG will never request, collect, or store your mailing address, financial, or other private information. We do however recognize the value of Community Volunteers being able to network and communicate with one another, and we encourages such through the website's account, profile, forums, directories, and comment areas. It is up to members to decide if and what personal information they wish to share with CVAID.ORG and its users. Members are free to choose a name of their liking through the registration and account profile pages.

The Account and Profile pages provide a place for members to share their Real First & Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Amateur Radio Call Sign, Zip Code, Organization, and CERT Team Name. Providing this information to CVAID.ORG is optional, but if provided CVAID may share this information with members of your particular CERT Team and Organization through a Directory. CVAID.ORG will take steps to verify identities and CERT Team Membership so as to reduce the chance of someone outside of your CERT Team getting the information, but we do not guarantee nor warranty such, and once the information is shared it is beyond CVAID.ORG's ability to retrieve or delete the information. Only members who elect to provide/share this information will be given access to their CERT Team and Organization Directory. Electing to provide/share your information in no way guarantees that you will be given access to the information shared by others.