Merit signs MOU with State of California


On May 31, 2019 Merit (formerly Sig.Ma) signed an MOU with the State of California to provide the platform for tracking the trainings of CERT volunteers. In addition to following standardized FEMA curriculum, CERT programs often go above and beyond and have the best on-the-ground understanding of what skills and trainings are needed in their community and therefor add advanced education courses for their members. Skills such as Stop the Bleed, Traffic and Crowd Control, and Flooding Operations are taught by these grassroots programs, but until now have often lacked a method to know of and leverage these capabilities in disaster situations where they’re most needed. By leveraging Merit, California Volunteers will, for the first time, have a standardized state-wide view of a volunteer’s capacity, and a uniform view of the specializations the CERT volunteers possess. Furthermore, in disaster situations, where information and trust are most needed, Merit provides a secure, cell phone app-based, inter operable system for verifying every volunteer on-scene, allowing groups and agencies to better work together, without having previously met or collaborated.

The Merit platform is provided to CERT agencies and volunteers for free; now and in the future. Are you and your CERT program tracking your trainings with Merit? Ensure your team is deployable in the next disaster by tracking your trainings in Merit. In addition to Merit being the go-to platform for training and certification of CERT members, Merit is also working with California and other disaster-prone states in an effort to become the official time keeping platform of record. States are responsible for submitting their total volunteer hours to FEMA to get reimbursed for out of pocket expenses during a disaster. Those spreadsheet-based and analog records often don’t get recorded correctly, or not at all, and states end up losing millions of dollars in potential lost reimbursed money.

Merit allows for the digital accessing, tracking, and organizing of other achievements and certificates as well. Merit offers organizations and individuals a way to securely issue and manage digital merits creating a single secure platform to verify personal and professional qualifications versus relying on analog paper certificates, ledgers, and plastic identification cards. Merit is based in Millbrae, CA and was founded by Tomer Kagan and Jacob Orrin in 2016. More information about Merit may be found at

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