How To Get Your Ham Radio LicenseHam Radio Exam Passed

Like a Driver's License, ANYONE who is determined can get a Ham License. There are multiple ways to study for the Ham Radio License Exam:

1) Buy, Read, and Study the Mannual -"The Ham Radio License Manual" costs roughly $29.66 and can be purchased from Amazon or the ARRL. If you decide to go this router, be sure to get the 4th Edition. The license manual contains an easy to follow tutorial as well as all the questions in the exam pool (indluding the correct answers). The test itself is a random selection of 35 questions from the pool of questions found in the book.

2) Use Online Study Resources - Rather than focus on studying the material, many people focus their studies on memmorizing the answers in the question pool. This is an accepted and practical way to pass the exam. If trying to memmorize the answers, the best way is to read the question, and ONLY the corect answer. Keep in mind, in the actual exam the answers will be displayed in a different order than how they appear in the study guides. HamStudy provides a free study guide and Practice Exams. Register is their system, use their study guide, and test your skills using Practice Exam. Memorizing the answer is tedious, but it is a very effective and common way to pass the exam. Once you are able to conisistently pass the practice exams with 85%, you are ready to take the Real Exam. There is another online tool called HamTestOnline that provids the same services as HamStudy, but it is more educational and provides a more systematic way of studying. Unlike Hamstudy, this other website, HamTestOnline charges a fee, but it is a great website. HamTestsOnline's "study" feature is the way I am studying for my Ham Extra Class License, so I can personally attest to the expense as being worthwhile. HamTestOnline is free to try out, so you have nothing to loose, try it out and see what you think! Instead of buying the Book consider paying for HamTestOnline instead!

3) Take The Exam - You will know you are ready to take the exam when you are able to consistantly get 85% of more on the practice Exams. Before you take the real exam, be sure to take a practice exam using HamStudy, the reason being is that the software used to make HamStudy was made by the same programmers who make the sofware used in the real Online Exams. By having taken an exam on HamStudy you will be familiar with how the real online exam looks and feels. Note, that there are two ways to answer and navigate through the practice Exam, you can type the A, B, C or D letter on your keyboard, or you can click the answer with your mouse and scroll to the next question. An advantage to pressing the key on your keyboard is that the software will automatically move you to the next question. Try doing both in the pactice exam, and becaome familiar with how the software functions before you take the real exam. When taking the exam be sure to ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS, even if you have to guess.  There is no penalty for guessing, and you might just guess the right answer. Okay, so now you are ready to take the exam! Before COVID all exams were administered in-person, but now you can take the exam online! Sign Up for an Online Exam Here

* Your Goal should be to Pass The License Exam! Although it is nice to learn the material, your primary goal should be to pass the exam. Once you have passed the Exam you will not need to know most of the material on the exam. Most of the knowledge you use as a licensed ham will be aquaired as you begin to use your radio. Your license is your access pass that allows you to use a ham radio and is your "Ticket" into the hobby and social circles where the real fun and learning will occur.